Independent Artists

Apply to join our team

Come and be part of the brand Fizzy Tees, selling your artwork designs with Fizzy Tees means you are part of the brand, you become a designer with Fizzy Tees, your artwork will be printed on all the t-shirts and merchandise we sell worldwide, it will be made by Fizzy Tees, it is branded with Fizzy Tees logos and labels and comes packaged as Fizzy Tees and not some wholesale off the shelf brand that everyone has access to that can discredit your work to make it look amateur.

Our merchandise is premium quality and has a huge fan base of customers growing each day, Be a professional and be part of the Fizzy Tees crew, You will be able to tell others that you are a designer with Fizzy Tees and also be able to put it on your CV, we will reference you for sure with what you do, and if that's not enough you will also be allowed 20% discount for you and your friends and family and you will receive 35% of the listed price of any designs that sell with your artwork, this money will be paid straight to you.

It's great to put your artwork to work instead of leaving it hanging around, make money for a new car, a holiday, home improvements or just so you have extra cash to enjoy doing the things you do.




Who are we after:

We are after artists, graphic designers and photographers.

What we want from you:

We want your artwork, your photographs, your vector images, your photoshop images, your graphical designed images.

What we do:

We apply your artwork to t-shirts, mugs and various other pieces of merchandise at no cost to yourself and you make money when they sell.

Are there any costs expected from me:

No, it is all FREE to do, we do not charge anything no commission, no listing fees, nothing it’s free.

Do I need any other experience:

No you do not, we do all the work, we do the customer service, we make all the web images, we run the website and promotions, we make the t-shirts, we ship to the customers and much more, we just need your artwork and designs, you don’t need to do anything else.

How it works:

You submit your artwork to us via e-mail, we will either approve or disapprove, if we disapprove we will explain why to help assist you on further submissions, if we approve however it will then be added to various products throughout the website and promoted worldwide so customers can purchase it, every time a customer purchases it you get paid.

How many pieces of artwork can I submit:

You can submit as much as you want, we will check every piece for submission.

How do I get paid:

You get paid through Paypal, if a customer orders an item and does not return it after 14 days of receiving it then you will receive 35% of the order value after this time. You will be informed as soon as an order is placed by e-mail that an order has been placed, and you will then be informed again to tell you payment has been sent to your PayPal or if the item was returned. The return rate is less than 1%, if the order is returned no payment will be made as the sale is void with no profits being made to both parties.

Pricing structure:

We do not use a base price and then add a percentage like many companies as this restricts your returns as it pushes up the value of the items being sold to such a high value that a sale would be unlikely, we found in customer surveys that customers are happy to pay between £12.99 and £19.99 for a t-shirt, we therefore believe this is the best pricing structure for all parties, ourselves, the artists and the customer.

T-Shirt R.R.P   What You Get
£12.99 you get £4.54
£13.99 you get £4.89
£14.99 you get £5.24
£15.99 you get £5.59
£16.99 you get £5.94
£17.99 you get £6.29
£18.99 you get £6.64
£19.99 you get £6.99

When your artwork is submitted we decide the pricing based upon your artwork, many other factors are taken into consideration including, the size of the design, the quality of the artwork, how much ink is required to print, how much preparation is needed and much more, as you can see from the prices these are the best prices for artwork in this sector and also these prices will encourage sales.

With other websites in this sector you will be lucky to make £3.49 on a £19.99 t-shirt, whilst with us you get the full 35% of the t-shirt price, no hidden costs or anything else.

Please note mugs, mouse mats and jewellery are 20% return on revenue to yourself.  

What media do I send in:

We prefer .PSD or .Ai for all artwork, however for photography we accept jpeg, all artwork must be a minimum of 300 dpi, please work inside a 30cm width x 35cm height page size as this will be maximum boundaries for the t-shirt print.

What else do you need from me:

We need your e-mail address, your name and the e-mail address for your PayPal payments to be sent to.

Can I have my name mentioned in the product description:

Yes, you can just make a note in the e-mail when you submit your artwork that you want this to happen.

Can i promote my products myself also:

Yes, every item that you submit will have its very own URL, we send this to you every time we add your artwork to the website, you will be able to promote this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to drive more sales to your own products.

Is it true i get friends and family benefits:

Yes, if your artwork is accepted you will receive a discount code of 20% that you and your family and friends can use through out the store also as many times as you like.